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The clouds came down to kiss the ground. ☁️🍃

Birth Control, etc.


I would just like to point out the complete insanity that is our birth control/period system in America.

Men can get contraception FREE. They could be having tons of protected sex completely free.

But when women want regulation for their hormones (to help with painful, life changing acne, to…


I just would like to say that I am not for abortions but i am not against it and I have no religious ties to the the whole BC thing.

I just believe that women should have the choice to get birth control or abortions if they want to.. after all it is their body.

Now I also believe that for women that choose birth should be much easier to get than it is right now.


R.I.P to my idol / one who still gives me hope in humanity. Thank you for bringing music to my ears and being strong enough to deal with the slander and injustice while you were still alive. Also, thank you for bringing inspiration to others although they wont ever be as good as you.
Oh and thank you for being my inspiration :)
"Se empieza a salvar el mundo salvando a un hombre por vez; todo lo demás es romanticismo grandioso o política."
Charles Bukowski.

"Money, money, money" by David Pérez

Can I have bigger boobs? I like myself but I have a lot of physical flaws and is very frustrating sometimes.

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