before you judge me, try hard to know me.

"La depresion es como una droga. Una vez estas en ella es muy dificil dejarla."
Depressive night (via diario-de-un-cualquiera)

"I sit in my desolate room, no lights, no music, just anger."

“Hay algo triste en la felicidad" 
Erase una isla, David Conover.

I just logged in and the first thing that pops out on my timeline is porn… and my twin sister was next to me. AWKWARD.
Thanks tumblr.


Today our skies are weeping,
Joined by the millions of people,

Who feel the emptiness,
The pain,
The anger,
The grief,
Of hundreds of lives lost.

A mother who lost her child,
A brother who lost his sister,
A lover who lost their other half,
A friend who lost their mate,
When will innocent…

Tomorroland is coming!
My drawing.

i made this ages ago but i think i deleted it and can’t find it soo here it is again lol
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